Use Cases

Cognitive computing is a trustworthy technology that can be used as a daily solution throughout the enterprise to help people achieve their tasks and improve their performances


Today in 2024, there is increasing adoption of Cognitive Computing Technology which has become the foremost critical enabler of business transformation in many industries freeing people to focus on higher-value work and empowering them to take on new roles and responsibilities.

Precise data analysis

Machines can assess enterprise data with a greater precision

Let’s take an example. Joy is an emotion. Please think of all other words related to this emotion and ask two or three friends to do the same. When you compare those lists, you will probably find some words common to all lists but also words that are only within one of those lists. Some people know less, and some know more, impacting the overall quality of the assessment. With the proper knowledge, machines can assess enterprise data with greater precision.

Accelerate information examination

Machines can process many information in a very short time

For example, when human resources have to read employees’ feedback to identify specific semantics related to a set of 17 different satisfaction at work criteria and understand their meanings in the context of the sentence, this takes time. And if you have to assess 3 000, 12 000, or 25 000 surveys, this requires that many employees do the work and have the right expertise to collect this insight properly. Machines here are faster!

Provide expertise

Bring expertise to places where no experts are available

As an example, human resource may have the need to identify specific soft-skills related to leadership in order to find the right candidates. To reduce talent attrition, businesses might need to identify which of the satisfaction at work criteria request their attention. There are many situations which will require a specific expertise and machines could be of great help by providing the right insight to people

Better interaction

Assess customer data in real-time and collect key insights

One key benefit is collecting specific insights for each individual to improve the interaction with each customer. For example, people will buy a pullover because it is cold outside, and must cover themselves with something warm. Assessing customer messages, you might find that he decided to buy this particular pullover because their relatives find him beautiful when wearing it. He decided to buy this pullover to raise his self-esteem. Knowing this, how could you use this insight to better interact with this customer and increase your sales?

Work smarter

Out of the box, Percipion™ can be used to modernize multiple business use cases which are either specific to horizontal or vertical markets.

Percipion™ allows users to assess multiple core psychological functions, including our emotions, sentiments, needs, social competencies (soft-skills), motivation factors, psychosocial risks, affective states and satisfaction at work criteria. Those specific frame of references will provide key insights and make it possible to modernize multiple business use cases.

Better Workplace

In many organizations, human resources are conducting surveys and requesting the workforce to provide their feedback on several work-related topics.
Today, the feedback, provided in natural language, is assessed by human resource specialists who have to find specific semantics related to satisfaction at work criteria to identify improvement areas and increase employee retention proactively.
Tomorrow, Percipion™ could be used to help human resources understand employee feedback.

Assess Soft-Skills

During a change journey or when sourcing candidates, many organizations are today considering social competencies, also known as soft-skills.
Today, those competencies are important for human resources to better find the right job for someone and make sure that people are happy while at work.
Tomorrow, Percipion™ can be used to assess resumes or yearly employee reviews to get insight about those soft-skills and provide human resources with specific related insights.

Workforce Morale

In many organizations, employees work remotely, either from their home or from their client site.
In such situations, it is more complicated to know whether employees are happy or not.
Percipion™ can be used to assess employee surveys and identify affective states and emotions in real-time and raise alerts in case the morale is getting low.

Assess Psychosocial Risks

Modernization is essential for many companies to keep ahead of the competition; changes will impact business processes and the workforce.
Work habits will change and be restructured. While some employees will adapt, others will suffer from this new situation and be stressed, anxious, and sometimes depressed. Those situations are critical and need to be managed with great care.
Percipion™ can be used daily to support human resources in preventing such situations.

Brand Reputation

Many companies want to know how people within their target market perceive them.
Today, assessing a brand’s reputation is mainly done by monitoring individuals’ comments on social media using sentiment analysis solutions to report positive or negative feelings.
Percipion™ can assess affective states and emotions, providing organizations with precise additional insights (trust, joy, fear, anger, sadness…).

Buying Drivers

Many organizations allow customers to provide feedback about their shopping experience and buying products.
For marketing purposes, the voice of the customer is assessed to reveal the needs that triggered the customer’s decision to buy.
Percipion™ can reveal those needs in real-time, provide valuable insights on each customer, and better personalize the shopping experience (online, push-ads).

Marketing Analysis

Marketing campaigns are crucial for many enterprises to promote efficient products and/or services.
Today, marketing campaigns aim to use several psychological factors such as sentiments, emotions and needs to catch customers’ attention.
Percipion™ can assist you in analyzing customers’ emotions, sentiments, and needs to fine-tune your marketing strategy.

Talk to Clients

Communicating with clients is crucial to making your enterprise grow and gain a reputation.
Today, sales services have to try harder every time to increase their prospects by giving speeches that fetch their attention.
Percipion™ can analyze your speeches’ emotional, sentimental, and dynamic content to help you fine-tuning your communication.

Lead Maturity

Qualifying the lead maturity level is critical for many organizations to manage their sales better and identify clients needing more attention.
Today, assessing the lead maturity level is mainly based on the gut feelings of the sales force and can be biased by the intuition of the representatives.
Tomorrow, Percipion™ can assess customer communication and provide several objective KPIs to better evaluate the lead maturity level.

Customer Claims

Customer support representatives have to take care of customer claims.
Today, incoming emails must be treated and assigned to the correct respondent to answer customers’ requests. It takes time and involves many workforce resources.
Tomorrow, Percipion™ can understand customer requests and assign them immediately to the right representative and taking care of those who are not satisfied.

Customer Satisfaction

Many customer-centric companies selling products and services want to know how satisfied their customers are to compute their net promoter score (NPS).
Today, customer satisfaction is computed using a statistical analysis based on how the product was ranked or old-fashioned sentiment analysis.
Tomorrow, Percipion™ can be used to assess feedback provided in natural language to assess emotions and affective states to give a better insight and better KPIs.

Assess the Competition

Getting ahead of the competition is a daily challenge for many businesses.
Today, assessing the competition might sound hard to achieve. Enterprises need to better know what competitors are doing and why customers are attracted.
Percipion™ can be used to assess the competition and related voice of the customer messages in order to collect insights and help your company better understand what they like and dislike and support your future marketing strategies.

Change Journey

A Fortune 500 is undergoing digital transformation. Since they started, some of their employees have been facing job requalification and the company needs to make sure that they keep their employability.
Today, thanks to proxy agents, the company is able to assess employee feedback to identify which one is motivated by his future career and which one is not and better manage the change journey.
Tomorrow, Percipion™ can be used to assess employee feedback and provide those insights.

Corporate Communication

Today, good corporate communication is essential for a business to grow. It helps teams work efficiently, innovate, keep their morale up, and understand the enterprise’s values.
Otherwise, bad communication leads to a lack of focus, unhappiness, lack of innovation, and credibility.
Percipion™ can assess the emotional and sentiment content from internal corporate communication in real time so that it can be reviewed and fine-tuned.

Enhanced Chatbots

Many organizations provide their customers a modern way to stay in touch with them 24/7. They mainly use chatbots based or not on LLM technologies.
Today, those chatbots can process many requests, but are not able to reply by taking care of assessed psychological factors.
Tomorrow, Percipion™ can enhance those chatbots by providing answers that does better meet people requests and collect on the fly valuable psychological metrics.

The main EU objective is to ensure a safe, predictable, and trusted online environment for their citizens, and for this purpose is setting rules to monitor online content and track illegal and harmful communications and messages.

Content Moderation

Many people use social networks, blogs, or websites to post content and share their thoughts. But some messages are inappropriate…
Today, content moderators have to review and check many posts to decide whether or not these can be shared or have to be deleted. Their job is bothersome…
Tomorrow, Percipion™ can detect inappropriate content in real-time (illegal drugs, weapons promotion, violence, pornography, paraphilia, bestiality), raise alerts, and take action (EU DSA regulation).

Forensic Insights

When a suspect is under arrest, law enforcement authorities have less than 48 hours to analyze what they have seized and collect evidences, qualify them and present them to justice. Time for them is critical…
Today, they have to look into several megabytes of text data (SMS messages, emails, Internet history, files on the computer and on external drives) and this task is very time consuming.
Tomorrow, Percipion™ can be used by law enforcement authorities to assess this content and identify evidences within minutes.

Moderate & Encrypt

On a daily basis, many people use messaging systems to communicate. Those systems are encrypted so that the privacy of our communication is respected.
Today, many criminals do use those systems to harm people and because communications are encrypted end to end, it is not possible to detect harmful content.
Tomorrow, Percipion™ can be used on the device itself to moderate content before it is send in order to avoid that inappropriate messages are sent.

Identify Threats

Every organization or State can face threats from various actors; some could have criminal intentions, such as cyberattacks or terrorism, whereas some could try to sabotage your activities to be more concurrent.
Today, protecting ourselves online from those threats can take a lot of work since they are more and more elaborate and frequent.
Tomorrow, Percipion can be used to assess websites, blogs and instant messaging systems to proactively protect people.

Identify Groomers

While using social networks, most minors report being approached by someone they don’t know. During these interactions, they are tricked.
Today, pedocriminals are very active online and constantly looking for opportunities. They manipulate children using sophisticated psychological tactics to establish an emotional bond of trust with them and reduce their inhibitions to engage in sexually explicit activities. Those interactions are challenging to identify.
Percipion™ can proactively detect abuse in real-time, alert the child to protect him better, and preserve digital evidence for law enforcement authorities.

Identify Hate Speeches

Hate speeches imply discriminatory content referring to one’s race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion, or sexual orientation, increasing online.
Today, hate speeches on social networks or chat platforms are tedious to moderate.
Tomorrow, with the help of Percipion™, hate speeches can be detected in real time to prevent concerned people from being hurt.

Identify Pornocrimes

Many pornographic content is violent and is depicting extreme scenes where people are abused, raped, or tortured.
Today, on the internet, this type of content is accessible to children and teens and this should not be the case.
Tomorrow, Percipion™ can be used to identify multiple semantics related to pornographic content (from soft to extreme) and diverse forms of paraphilia (sexual deviations) including fetishism and BDSM and better protect people by preventing that this content is made available to minors.

Identify Illegal Drugs

Selling illegal drugs can harm many people.
Today, many dealers do have an online business and are selling their products using digital solutions.
Percipion™ can be used to identify specific semantics related to illegal drugs or psychoactive substances and help law enforcement agencies identifying black markets, trafficking, and dealers.

Identify Pedocriminals

Globally, we observe an unprecedented increase in the number of contents relating to sexual abuse of children available on the Internet.
Today, this kind of content has to be identified and processed by people to be moderated and removed. The content remains available to people during that time and can be seen and shared.
Tomorrow, with the help of Percipion™, organizations could identify illegal content related to pedocrimes in real time and help moderators.

Fight Cyber Bullying

According to UNICEF, more than a third of young people have already suffered from bullying in 2019, and these numbers are still rising. Harassment can take multiple forms and is very harmful to the victim.
Today, these cyberbullying situations go unrecognized on social networks or chat platforms, resulting in the endless pursuit of degrading insults.
Tomorrow, Percipion™ can assess online discussions to identify real-time harassment and better protect people.

Identify Scammers

Since the advancement of the Internet, scamming has evolved and become more frequent.
Today, scam romance and blackmailing, such as Sextorsion, ruin the lives of many people and profit from their perpetrators.
Percipion™ can identify semantics related to specific and common scamming “best practices” including vulnerable persons, the need for money and Blackmails as well as those related to the psychological tactics used to harm victims, including empathy, mysticism, promises, feelings, specific needs and confidence in order to identify scams and better protect people.

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