Use Cases

Cognitive computing is a trustworthy technology that can be used as a daily solution throughout the enterprise to help people achieve their tasks and improve their performances


Today in 2024, there is increasing adoption of Cognitive Computing Technology which has become the foremost critical enabler of business transformation in many industries freeing people to focus on higher-value work and empowering them to take on new roles and responsibilities.

Precise data analysis

Machines can assess enterprise data with a greater precision

Let’s take an example. Joy is an emotion. Please think of all other words related to this emotion and ask two or three friends to do the same. When you compare those lists, you will probably find some words common to all lists but also words that are only within one of those lists. Some people know less, and some know more, impacting the overall quality of the assessment. With the proper knowledge, machines can assess enterprise data with greater precision.

Accelerate information examination

Machines can process many information in a very short time

For example, when human resources have to read employees’ feedback to identify specific semantics related to a set of 17 different satisfaction at work criteria and understand their meanings in the context of the sentence, this takes time. And if you have to assess 3 000, 12 000, or 25 000 surveys, this requires that many employees do the work and have the right expertise to collect this insight properly. Machines here are faster!

Provide expertise

Bring expertise to places where no experts are available

As an example, human resource may have the need to identify specific soft-skills related to leadership in order to find the right candidates. To reduce talent attrition, businesses might need to identify which of the satisfaction at work criteria request their attention. There are many situations which will require a specific expertise and machines could be of great help by providing the right insight to people

Better interaction

Assess customer data in real-time and collect key insights

One key benefit is collecting specific insights for each individual to improve the interaction with each customer. For example, people will buy a pullover because it is cold outside, and must cover themselves with something warm. Assessing customer messages, you might find that he decided to buy this particular pullover because their relatives find him beautiful when wearing it. He decided to buy this pullover to raise his self-esteem. Knowing this, how could you use this insight to better interact with this customer and increase your sales?

Work smarter

Out of the box, Percipion™ can be used to modernize multiple business use cases which are either specific to horizontal or vertical markets.

Percipion™ allows users to assess multiple core psychological functions, including our emotions, sentiments, needs, social competencies (soft-skills), motivation factors, psychosocial risks, affective states and satisfaction at work criteria. Those specific frame of references will provide key insights and make it possible to modernize multiple business use cases.

Human Resource

Assess morale of the workforce, Assess satisfaction at work criteria & reduce attrition, Assess the workforce mental states during a change journey, Depression symptoms detection, Acute stress detection, Occupational burnout detection, Assess psychosocial risks, Assess social competencies (soft-skills)

Marketing & Sales

Assess brand reputation, Assess customer feedback’s (satisfaction), Assess customers buying drivers, Opinion mining, Identify brand ambassadors and critics, Better push-ads feature, Assess the competition, Marketing campaign analysis, Assess lead maturity level, Assess client communication, Get KPI’s to measure the Net Promotor Score

Customer support

Identify unsatisfied customers, Classify incoming customer claims, Enhance chatbot understanding capabilities

The main EU objective is to ensure a safe, predictable, and trusted online environment for their citizens, and for this purpose is setting rules to monitor online content and track illegal and harmful communications and messages.

Forensic expertise

Assess content to identify threats and attacks on people, cities or states, identify illegal drugs or identify pedocrimes, child groomers or pedophiles and generate an evidence report that can be used by law enforcement authorities for legal purpose

Content Moderators

Assess content to identify hate speeches, threats and attacks, ultra-violent content, animal abuse, bullying, scamming, illegal drugs, prostitution, pornocrimes, pedocriminal content and child groomers and help content moderators to categorize content proactively

Messaging Providers

Assess conversations in real-time to identify scammers, cyber-bullyers, child groomers, people with suicidal tendancies, or hate speeches and raise specific alerts to better protect people, empowering organizations to comply with the European Digital Service Act (DSA)

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