Insight Delivered

Percipion is an award winning new generation of cognitive computing engine that can be used across the enterprise to modernize challenging business use cases

Insight delivered

Today, in many organizations, most human intelligence processes are executed by people and cannot be easily modernized using traditional technologies. For many of those processes, people need to work within a given business context, understand and assess enterprise data provided in natural language, find relevant information and new insights, reason, decide what to do, and then take action.

Our vision is that people and machines can execute these same processes.

After 7 years of Research & Development in neurosciences, cognitive and clinical psychology, linguistics, philosophy, ergonomics, and computer sciences, we have been able to innovate by creating Percipion™.

It is a new generation of Cognitive Computing software able to replicate how the brain works and perform tasks usually requiring human intelligence. It empowers businesses to represent multiple semantic contexts, understand natural language, reason, and take action and can be used across the enterprise to modernize many use cases.


For all our work, we have been awarded by EU Business News in August 2023 for bringing to the market Percipion™, the most Innovative European Cognitive AI solution.

The Silicon Review, which is the world’s most trusted online community for business professionals, nominated Aeteos as one of the 50 most admired companies in 2023.


Multiple patents, not based on any third party software

Made in France

By our dedicated software engineer team

Tech for good

Human-centric technology that is helping people

Main benefits

Assist people in decision-making by providing key insights

Leading European solution to protect people

Trust & Safety is a key thing, and our technology can be used to protect our citizens, our children, and those who are the most vulnerable and help organizations and law enforcement authorities to better fight against many cybercrimes, providing insights about 186 content moderation categories, including hate speeches, ultra-violence, terrorism, weapons, prostitution, illegal drugs, animal abuse, sex, pornocrimes, paraphilia, pedocrimes, child grooming, harassment and scamming.


Assess content in natural language to identify inappropriate content and act


Assess conversations and proactively prevent child abuse


Assess conversations to identify offensive behaviors


Assess eMails to identify scams and blackmails

Provide accurate psychological insights

Percipion™ is empowering businesses to assess up to 123 psychological factors, including emotions, sentiments, human needs, satisfaction at work criteria, motivation factors, social competencies (soft-skills), psychosocial risks, and affective states. It can be used to modernize over 38 business use cases.


Assess emotions to get insights about the morale of your workforce


Assess employee survey to identify satisfaction at work criteria

Client Attrition

Assess customer messages to proactively identify unhappy clients

Buying drivers

Assess voice of the customer material and identify buying drivers

A solution that is ethical by design

As a provider of Cognitive Computing solutions, we do respect the European regulation, and we fully support the objective of the Union of being a global leader in the development of a secure, trustworthy, and ethical technology, providing our clients a solution that is not prohibited or discriminatory and that they are allowed to use.


Accurate, reliable and explainable software solution


Cannot be used to identify or discriminate people


Knowledge based, cannot be altered or poisonned


Very low IT resource usage footprint

Acting with correctness and moderation by beautiful actions in search of the good based on true knowledge and reason allows one to lead a joyful life. That would be wisdom, and that would be a path to happiness. This way of thinking has been used to design Percipion™.

We see Cognitive Computing as a human-centric technology. It should not substitute human autonomy or assume the loss of individual freedom and should primarily serve the needs of society and the common good.


Executive Director, Aeteos

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Aeteos™ awarded in 2023 for the most innovative European cognitive computing software solution


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