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Today, within organizations, many business processes which do require human intelligence are executed by people and can hardly be modernized using traditional technologies.

After 7 years of Research & Development in neurosciences, cognitive and clinical psychology, linguistics, philosophy, ergonomics, and computer sciences, we have been able to innovate by creating Percipion™, an award winning cognitive computing engine able to replicate how the brain works and perform tasks usually requiring human intelligence.

It empowers businesses to represent multiple semantic contexts, understand natural language, reason, and take action and can be used on a daily basis across the enterprise to modernize many challenging business use cases.


Multiple patents, not based on any third party software

EU compliant

Compliant with the latest EU regulations

Tech for good

Human-centric technology that is helping people

Main benefits

Assist people in decision-making by providing insights


Today in 2024, there is increasing adoption of Cognitive Computing Technology which has become the foremost critical enabler of business transformation in many industries freeing people to focus on higher-value work and empowering them to take on new roles and responsibilities.

Precise data analysis

Machines can assess enterprise data with a greater precision

Let’s take an example. Joy is an emotion. Please think of all other words related to this emotion and ask two or three friends to do the same. When you compare those lists, you will probably find some words common to all lists but also words that are only within one of those lists. Some people know less, and some know more, impacting the overall quality of the assessment. With the proper knowledge, machines can assess enterprise data with greater precision.

Accelerate examination

Machines can process many information in a very short time

For example, when human resources have to read employees’ feedback to identify specific semantics related to a set of 17 different satisfaction at work criteria and understand their meanings in the context of the sentence, this takes time. And if you have to assess 3 000, 12 000, or 25 000 surveys, this requires that many employees do the work and have the right expertise to collect this insight properly. Machines here are faster!

Provide expertise

Bring expertise to places where no experts are available

As an example, human resource may have the need to identify specific soft-skills related to leadership in order to find the right candidates. To reduce talent attrition, businesses might need to identify which of the satisfaction at work criteria request their attention. There are many situations which will require a specific expertise and machines could be of great help by providing the right insight to people

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Leading solution to protect people

Trust & Safety is a key thing, and our technology can be used to protect our citizens, our children, and those who are the most vulnerable and help organizations and law enforcement authorities to better fight against many cybercrimes, providing insights about 186 content moderation categories, including hate speeches, ultra-violence, terrorism, weapons, prostitution, illegal drugs, animal abuse, sex, pornocrimes, paraphilia, pedocrimes, child grooming, harassment and scamming.

Provide accurate psychological insights

Percipion™ is empowering businesses to assess up to 123 psychological factors, including emotions, sentiments, human needs, satisfaction at work criteria, motivation factors, social competencies (soft-skills), psychosocial risks, and affective states. It can be used to modernize over 38 business use cases.

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Success stories

Since 2016, Aeteos™ has been helping organizations adopt cognitive computing technologies. Here are some examples of selected success stories.

For an intergovernmental economic organization

Aeteos™ defined a symbolic metadata model based on a semantic network to support the creation of new survey structures. This new model represents the context of a survey at a higher level than the classical physical object level, where only abstract and prototypical objects are used to describe the physical world to remove technical limits and operating constraints from classical information management.

For an American multinational sourcing corporation

Aeteos™ designed an expert system (SmartJob finder) to support large organizations whose workforce is impacted by digital transformation programs. Many employees will lose their jobs, and great care needs to be given to this workforce and their employability (Motivation factors)

For an American multinational technology company

Aeteos™ proved that Percipion™ could be used to assess the voice of the customer material and be able to identify psychological factors to understand better why clients bought from their shop and, based on these new insights, be able to predict future buying behaviors for each individual better and propose products which could better fit their needs.

For an European multinational aerospace corporation

An adapted release of Percipion’s™ natural understanding technology has been used to process content provided in simplified English, find similar blocs of instructions, and measure their similarities to identify probable inconsistencies within aircraft’s technical manuals.

For an European multinational service company

Percipion™ has been used to showcase how it is possible to process incoming customer claims using those specific frame of reference and score each message to tag it and assign it automatically to the right customer representative.

For a French multinational insurance company

Percipion™ has been used to show the benefits of assessing employee surveys using cognitive computing to identify satisfaction at work criteria and measure them to provide, in minutes, to human resources a clear insight into their workforce and key points of attention.

For a national natural history museum

Aeteos™ adapted Percipion’s™ natural language understanding capabilities to create a specific software engine to measure the semantic similarities between taxons (species and sub-species) and identify inconsistencies within the Museum’s primary data referential.

French Law Enforcements

Aeteos™ has adapted Percipion’s™ natural language understanding capabilities to identify in real-time pedocriminal intentions, raising an alert to the child to be groomed and keep evidence for law enforcement authorities.

A solution that is ethical by design

As a provider of Cognitive Computing solutions, we do respect the European regulation, and we fully support the objective of the Union of being a global leader in the development of a secure, trustworthy, and ethical technology, providing our clients a solution that is not prohibited or discriminatory and that they are allowed to use.


Accurate, reliable and explainable software solution


Cannot be used to identify or discriminate people


Knowledge based, cannot be altered or poisonned


Very low IT resource usage footprint

We see Cognitive Computing as a human-centric technology. It should not substitute human autonomy or assume the loss of individual freedom and should primarily serve the needs of society and the common good.

Pricing & packages

We want to keep it simple for our clients. For this reason, the subscriptions to our cognitive computing engine are in form of a flat rate where all is included. What we mean by this is that Percipion™ can be used by an unlimited amount of users which are able to process an unlimited amount of data on their server. Users have access to all functions, a standard support, updates and upgrades. You exactly know in advance how much you will pay each month. There is no hidden cost.

Yellow tier
Core psychological functions
140€ / day
Pink tier
Extended psychological functions
180€ / day
Blue tier
Core content moderation
160€ / day
Green tier
Extended content moderation
200€ / day
Orange tier
All functions
240€ / day

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