Percipion™ is a proprietary award winning cognitive computing engine. It’s a new generation of technology able to replicate how the brain works and is capable of performing tasks requiring human intelligence.

Each time Percipion™ is executed, it will detect the language in which the verbatim is written, simplify sentences and words, assess the grammatical context, identify both contextual semantic and psychological valence to better understand natural language, process words even if those are misspelled, transcribe Emojis and assess the content in an explainable and transparent way before producing end-user reports.

Core functions

Percipion™ has out of the box a set of core functions to better understand natural language and correctly assess enterprise data to provide users with accurate insights. Please find below the details.


Percipion™ is able to represent multiple specific semantic context (VirtualBrains).


Percipion™ is able to understand content provided in natural language.


Percipion™ has the capacity to reason the way humans do by making deductions.


Percipion™ is based on user-defined scenarios, percipion can automate actions.


Humans have brains. Cognitive machines have a VirtualBrain™, a data structure that can be compared to the human long-term memory, providing Percipion™ the capacity to represent a context, understand and reason.

Percipion™ is provided out of the box with a set of standard VirtualBrains™ that can be used by organizations to modernize specific challenging use cases which do require a specific insight on unstructured business data.

User specific VirtualBrains™ can also be added to adapt Percipion™ to specific business needs.

Psychological factors

Moderation categories

Technical corner

Percipion™ is fully compliant with the recommendation of the European Commission to set goals for achieving climate-neutral, highly energy-efficient, and sustainable data centers. Programmed in ANSI C, it is a mono thread application with a low IT resources usage footprint (energy consumption has been measured and is equal to 2.29 Wh).

Install & Go

Percipion™ can be installed in less than 10 minutes on any Linux machine with a 64 bits architecture.

Highly secured

Percipion™ is fully secured and can even be used offline without any network connection.

No dependencies

Percipion™ is not linked to any third-party component or library.

Host agnostic

Percipion™ can be hosted on your personal computer, on your premises, at the edge of the network, or on a cloud server.

Parallel execution

Percipion™ can be executed on many cores in parallel to process enterprise data faster.

Real-time performances

Percipion™ has real-time performances (up to 23 verbatims per second, 1 verbatim=3.5kb).


Percipion™ is empowering organizations to build their own Cognitive Computing solutions or microservices to support their digital transformation better. It can be used as a standalone application or embedded within chatbots, web, or enterprise applications. Please find below some examples.


Percipion™ can be used as a standalone application on a server, a laptop or prepared to be used on a mobile phone.


Percipion™ can be embedded within a business application and add new features to an existing software product.


Percipion™ can be used on a messaging system server to assess conversations. It is an example used to detect real-time groomers.

USB stick

Percipion™ can be installed on a bootable USB stick. Law enforcement can then quickly scan a computer system for inappropriate content.

No Code

Percipion™ can be linked to a no-code workflow (UIPath, Make, Zapier, …). This feature is used to capture content from SaaS applications or social networks.

Mail server

Percipion™ can be used on a mail server to assess incoming and outgoing messages. This usage is very useful for customer support teams.

Trustful solution

At Aeteos™, we do Cognitive Computing.

We fully support the objective of the Union of being a global leader in the development of a secure, trustworthy and ethical technology.

Our approach and technology is not linked to Artificial Intelligence (AI). We see Cognitive Computing as a human-centric technology. It should not substitute human autonomy or assume the loss of individual freedom and should primarily serve the needs of society and the common good. Aeteos™ respects the charter of fundamental rights of the European Union, and Percipion™ is not prohibited or discriminatory.

Not autonomous

People keep control over Percipion™. It only runs under human supervision.

No biometric data

Percipion™ is not able to process biometric data, just and only text.

No predictions

Percipion™ does not make any predictions. It is searching for information.

No learning

Percipion™ is knowledge based and works with qualified frame of reference.


Percipion™ is a knowledge based cognitive computing solutions that performs consistently and meets appropriate accuracy, robustness, and cyber security since the data used by Percipion™ is secured and cannot be altered (poisoned).

No recommendations

Percipion™ is not able to make recommendations. The user has full control.


During Percipion’s™ execution, if needed, the internal states and an explanation about the decision-making processes are accessible and understandable by the end-user.

Not making decisions

Percipion™ is not able to make any decision. It’s just a software !