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We help organizations to accelerate the adoption of cognitive computing by providing them with a pragmatical and proven approach to achieve their business challenges

Lead in innovation

Organizations must lead in innovation and be able to keep scaling to ensure that technology in the future benefits society. Their leadership depends upon their ability to stimulate novel research to continually generate more innovative and transformative breakthroughs in advanced science and technology, including cognitive computing.

Many organizations, taking advantage of these innovations, are continuously improving their processes either by modernizing or rationalizing the way they operate, and digital transformation has played and is still playing an important role.

But today, within organizations, most processes involving human intelligence are executed by people and cannot be easily modernized using traditional technologies. Cognitive computing software solutions are seen as a key business transformation driver.

Intelligence is a “human” thing and can best be defined by our ability to understand, reason, make decisions and solve problems. These cognitive processes are linked to core psychological functions such as our emotions, our sentiments, or our needs and provide additional context-related key insights which, once added to other available inputs, will create a conglomerate of information, providing us with a mental representation of the situation, enabling our awareness and adapting our behavior and actions.
At Aeteos™, we aim to provide those capacities to a machine. What we do here is cognitive computing.

Mark Pohlmann

CEO, Aeteos


Thinking big with cognitive computing : the six major technology sectors will be worth US$10 trillion by 2025. Notably, the industries framing the big six – mobile Internet, knowledge task automation, the Internet of Things, cloud technology, advanced robotics, and autonomous vehicles – all will rely heavily on cognitive computing (McKinsey – 2022)


The impact of cognitive technologies on organizations will help leaders make wise strategies and technology choices. Because cognitive technologies extend the power of information technology to tasks traditionally performed by humans, they can enable organizations to break prevailing trade-offs between speed, cost, and quality.


Cognitive computing can stimulate human intelligence and efficiently process fuzzy data and problems, and it is also essential for data analysis and decision-making. Specifically, cognitive systems are information systems that contain the cognitive hallmarks of learning, inferring, deducing, and computing.


By enabling systems to replicate human capabilities, we can see cognitive computing technology building a future where humans and machines would coexist and help businesses streamline business processes, improve operational performance, make faster, informed decisions, and augment organizational productivity.


Cognitive Computing will increasingly access managers from time-consuming tasks to focus on more uniquely human work, or “judgment work,” such as complex thinking and higher-order reasoning. It will not only augment the decision-making abilities of managers by providing them with relevant insight and data but free them to focus on more strategic tasks.

Define a vision

Aeteos™ will help and direct the sponsoring organization (Governments, Universities, Businesses) to accelerate the adoption of cognitive computing and provide them with a pragmatical and proven approach, from concepts to implementation, to define a vision and show where it needs to head over the next five to ten years, clarify and define a sustainable overall approach and direction they will take to deliver value and achieve competitive advantage in the businesses and industries in which it chooses to participate.
Our objective is to empower organizations to reduce external dependencies by providing recommendations and sharing our knowledge and expertise in the field of cognitive computing for them to maintain their prestige, be more attractive, promote excellence, reinforce their sovereignty, and be in a position to lead the competition.

Modernize your organization and go digital

Identify solutions that bring benefits

Define a winning digital business model

Confirm the operating model performance & TCO

Planning success

The purpose of the diagnosis stage is to evaluate the sponsor’s goals in the overall context of cognitive computing technologies adoption and to develop a high-level understanding of current technological standards in which the sponsoring organization operates, as well as understand particular strengths and weaknesses, to ensure that the sponsoring organization’s goals and strategies are reasonable, identify and quantify specific value-creating opportunities to pursue and set the stages for a change journey.

A comprehensive diagnosis can prevent the sponsoring organization from pursuing opportunities that it cannot capture and can steer it toward options having the highest return on invested capital and the most substantial likelihood of being realized, setting common expectations of what success will look like


At Aeteos™, we help organizations plan their digital transformation journey and find the correct transformation areas.


Our methodology and functional framework will facilitate the specification and .the design of cognitive computing solutions.


Adapt Percipion™ to create a specific cognitive computing engine.


We support change management by providing training on human cognition for computing and knowledge transfer services.

We provide to clients our book called “Let’s do Cognitive Computing” to empower them using this technology and Percipion™ 

Success stories

Since 2016, Aeteos™ has been helping organizations adopt cognitive computing technologies. Here are some examples of selected success stories.


Aeteos™ defined a symbolic metadata model based on a semantic network to support the creation of new survey structures. This new model represents the context of a survey at a higher level than the classical physical object level, where only abstract and prototypical objects are used to describe the physical world to remove technical limits and operating constraints from classical information management.


Aeteos™ designed an expert system (SmartJob finder) to support large organizations whose workforce is impacted by digital transformation programs. Many employees will lose their jobs, and great care needs to be given to this workforce and their employability (Motivation factors)


Aeteos™ proved to Amazon how Percipion™ could be used to assess the voice of the customer material and be able to identify psychological factors to understand better why clients bought from their shop and, based on these new insights, be able to predict future buying behaviors for each individual better and propose products which could better fit their needs.


An adapted release of Percipion’s™ natural understanding technology has been used to process content provided in simplified English, find similar blocs of instructions, and measure their similarities to identify probable inconsistencies within aircraft’s technical manuals.


Percipion™ has been used to showcase how it is possible to process incoming customer claims using those specific ontologies and score each message to tag it and assign it automatically to the right customer representative.


Percipion™ has been used to show the benefits of assessing employee surveys using cognitive computing to identify satisfaction at work criteria and measure them to provide, in minutes, to human resources a clear insight into their workforce and key points of attention.

Museum of Natural History

Aeteos™ adapted Percipion’s™ natural language understanding capabilities to create a specific software engine to measure the semantic similarities between taxons (species and sub-species) and identify inconsistencies within the Museum’s primary data referential.


Aeteos™ has adapted Percipion’s™ natural language understanding capabilities to identify in real-time pedocriminal intentions, raising an alert to the child to be groomed and keep evidence for law enforcement authorities.

Hitachi Vantara

While defining their digital transformation strategy embracing Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing, Aeteos™ was consulted to help determine how to design an expert system best to support problem-solving, decision-making, and reasoning tasks.

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