Trustful solution

As a provider of cognitive computing solutions, we do respect the European regulation providing to our clients a solution that they are allowed to use

Legal corner

At Aeteos™, we do Cognitive Computing. Our approach and technology is not linked to Artificial Intelligence (AI). We see Cognitive Computing as a human-centric technology. It should not substitute human autonomy or assume the loss of individual freedom and should primarily serve the needs of society and the common good.


We fully support the objective of the Union of being a global leader in the development of a secure, trustworthy and ethical technology.

Fundamental rights

Aeteos™ respects the charter of fundamental rights of the European Union, and Percipion™ is not prohibited or discriminatory.


Percipion™ performs consistently and meets appropriate accuracy, robustness, and cyber security since the data used by Percipion™ is secured and cannot be altered (poisoned).

Transparent & explainable

During Percipion’s™ execution, if needed, the internal states and an explanation about the decision-making processes are accessible and understandable by the end-user.

Not autonomous

People keep control over Percipion™. It only runs under human supervision.

No predictions

Percipion™ does not make any predictions. It is searching for information.

No recommendations

Percipion™ is not able to make recommendations. The user has full control.

Not making decisions

Percipion™ is not able to make any decision. It’s just a software !

No machine learning

Percipion™ is knowledge based and works with qualified ontologies.

No biometric data

Percipion™ is not able to process biometric data, just and only text.

More information

If you need more information about our Cognitive Computing solution Percipion, please message us using our contact form.